Sunday, 6 September 2009

A Thing of the Past

Nineteen years ago this weekend, this was what I was doing...

With six weeks off between Year I and Year II of nursing college, I managed to organize a military wedding and make that dress. I still have it... and am very proud of it. Unfortunately, my husband is no longer with us... he decided that life was not worth the air that he breathed or the love that I (and his family and friends) gave... but I cherish the memories, nonetheless.


  1. What a very beautiful bride, dress, photo.


  2. Beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous! You're a class act and a stunning woman in any time period!

    That's quite the feat to organize a wedding, make a dress, and do it all in six weeks while in school! You certainly have gusto and you know how to live and make the most of life.

  3. Thanks, XL, and hugs right back at you. xoxo

    Well, Eros, if you don't take the bull by the horns and get the most out of life, you'll wither away to a shell. And what kind of a life would that be? Thanks again, hon... and a big hug to you as well. xoxo

  4. You look stunning and radiant, and it's a beautiful dress.
    Here's to the memories and the future.

  5. Ponita,

    I see a very beautiful bride; you make the dress lovely.


  6. My dear Pon, you are divine, in that dress 19 years ago, and even more so today my lovely friend.


  7. Ah, Scarlet, the memories are both wonderful and heartbreaking, but they are part of who I am. The future is bright, of that I am sure. :-)

    ~hugs~ U... thank you, my dear. I felt like a princess that day.

    Map, honey, you are making me blush... xoxo

  8. Really, you're gorgeous. Then and now--says this objective observer from afar.

    Wait, double-take, you made that dress? Holy crap, I'm impressed.

  9. Thanks, Leah... and yes, I did make it. I used to sew a lot - haven't in recent years due to being busy, but I've made all kinds of stuff - jeans, winter coats, formal gowns, swimsuits... all just for me because I am hard to fit off the rack.

    Perhaps one of these days, when life slows down a bit, I will take it up again. I always have ideas in my head for new creations! :-)

  10. It's just good that you can look back with a smile :-)

  11. Well, Ro, I seem to find that most things in life have a silver lining and give cause to smile, even those things we don't think are very good at that moment. Live and learn, and grow from that learning... that's what I try to do everyday. :-)

  12. You look wonderful. Hang on to those good memories
    Dressmaking - Is there no end to your talents woman??

  13. you made that?! WOW! You looked stunning.

  14. You look so happy and carefree. A wonderful moment captured in time.

  15. Yer still a beuteous princess.

  16. Kaz - Those memories are very special to me. Dressmaking I learned the beginnings from my mum and the rest with experimentation. I love being creative!

    zIggI - Thank you! I love that picture... I love how I felt in that picture...

    Madame - Truly - thank you for stopping by.

    Jonas - *blushes* Why thank you, dear sir... :-)


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