Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Here we go again...

This Friday, I have a 'meet and greet' with a new guy...

It's been months since I've done this but he emailed me last week and his profile on the dating site looks promising. We've emailed back and forth a few times and talked on the phone for the first time this evening. Sounds like he's got a decent brain in his head, so we've made plans to meet in the lounge at a local restaurant for a drink and a chat.

I've been down this road enough times now that I don't have any expectations. He does meet some of my 'standards', so he gets at least one chance! But the biggest thing is, he had the balls to contact me first. I am always amazed at the number of guys who repeatedly look at my profile (there's a feature that tells you who peeked), who put me on their 'favorites' list, but never get up the gumption to send out that first email.

All I know is, he can string enough words together to make intelligent sentences. English is his native tongue. He didn't grow up in a remote, rural part of eastern Canada. That's a good start, from past experience on my part.

Whatever happens, happens. It's not like I'm desperate, or searching frantically for a man. I barely have time to clean my house and walk the dog, so fitting in a relationship may be a bigger challenge than I need at this point, but we'll see.

Time will tell, right?


  1. Well, look at it this way, you're going out to try something new, something different. Just try to enjoy yourself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If it works out, great! If not, hey, it's a good excuse to get all dressed up and go out and have fun.

  2. Be sure to find out if he likes cats ... that's important! :)

  3. ....and cake!
    Have fun and we can pick over the bones next week.

  4. Ponita,

    I hope he's a decent guy and you both have an enjoyable first date.


  5. As our old pal would say, "Have fun Pony-doll"!

  6. Eros: Yep, that's pretty much the way I see it too. An evening out, meet someone new, have a couple drinks and yak it up a bit.

    XL: The last guy I emailed back and forth with was wickedly allergic to cats.... we didn't even meet. Which was too bad... he seemed pretty cool!

    Scarlet: The synopsis will be posted this weekend... :-)

    U: Oh no, this isn't a date! A meet and greet is the first laying of eyes on each other. You sit and talk over a drink to find out if you even want a first date. I've had quite a few of those that never went any further... So we'll see what happens!

    Map: Thanks, hon... and that brings a tear to my eye! Hope you and yours are well, and that Jimmy is on the mend. Do you hear from him or Siobhan at all?

  7. *sitting next to scarlet and waiting for the weekend dish* seriously, i hope the meet&greet goes well!! xoxoxo ;~D

  8. You have a good time now.
    Let's just hope he isn't a Celine Dion fan.

  9. One never knows what Cupid may be doing with all those arrows in his pudgy little hands.

    If nothing else, I hope you enjoy a night out.

    One never knows...

  10. Oh I say, how exciting! Good luck and I'll be back to see whether he really had two heads on Saturday morning first thing!

  11. You HAVE to read the recent posts here: http://incognitoagent.blogspot.com
    Who knew online dating after 40 could be so funny/frightening and such awesome blog fodder!

  12. Best of luck to you ... I think you're right not to build up too many expectations, but it doesn't mean you can't hope! And it certainly doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself, wherever it might lead.

    I remember one particular "meet 'n' greet" I had. The rules were "hands above the table" and that's exactly how it stayed. I made a damn good friend out of that first meeting. How did it go after that? I guess you'd have to ask her: she's now better known on my blog as The Beloved :-D

  13. Not long now!

    (No news from Glasgow, but like yerself, hoping for the best!)

    Enjoy the M&G.


  14. Savannah: I'll dish probably on Sunday. Saturday is jammed packed full of activities for me, including the Keith Urban concert with my sister in the evening. (I posted one of his videos a few posts back. He's awesome!)

    Kaz: Thanks! Just got an email from him and we are still on for tomorrow... that's a good sign, isn't it? That he confirmed we're still meeting? I hate it when they back out at the last minute.

    Jonas: No, one never does know what Cupid is up to. I plan on making the most of it, so even if it just ends up being some idle chitchat, that's okay.

    zIggI: Check back Sunday, zIg. I don't think I'll have time on Saturday.

    Andrea: I checked those out - and how I have lived through stuff just like that! Seems to be the same everywhere, I think... which is mind boggling, when you think about it, isn't it???

    Ro: You're right... I do have some hope. It's a bit exciting and a bit nerve racking but all the same, I have learned to temper things.

    Your story is lovely! How wonderful that your prim and proper meet and greet turned into such a love story! ~hugs~

    Map: No, not long... less than 24 hours. And about 7 of that will be spent sleeping, another 8 working, so time will fly by.

    (Fervently hoping for the best from Glasgow... will have to give that man a piece of my mind when he gets back... for making us all worry so!)

    Thanks, hon. xoxo

  15. Sunday. I'm with the girls ...


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