Sunday, 6 September 2009

Taking Big Chances

There are times in your life when you need to step outside the box and take a chance on something. Something that could possibly harm you in some way.

I am doing that. I am getting into a business that I think will allow me to retire from nursing and have a very comfortable lifestyle. Not everyone agrees with me. But the ones who are important to me have not said don't do it, just that they hope it works out for me. Time will tell on this venture.

I am willing to take that chance.

Here is someone who was willing to take a big chance... definitely click on this link - all I can say is "Wow! Good thing he had the numbers right." (Click on the crossed off speaker so you can hear it.)


  1. Is this a hint that you are going into staging daredevil stunts? Yikes! Get insurance!

  2. Princess, with those magnificent boobs of yours, I think you're gonnae need a bigger pool.

  3. XL, a few years ago I did a 'stop, drop and roll' while walking in Mexico - had to step off the sidewalk to let a little kid on a bike with training wheels go by, stepped into a hole, did a complete somersault and was back up on my feet before I knew what happened! With a whole entourage behind me, applauding... I couldn't repeat that if my life depended on it! (No alcohol was involved either...)

    Jimmy, they are built in flotation devices, don't you know!? And yes, I would definitely want a bigger pool - to soften the landing somewhat!

  4. We had an indoor BBQ yesterday (bloody rain again) and if I had known you had taken up entertaining as your new career path, I'd have booked you to amuse the sodden guests who huddled beneath the carport in between munching sausages.

  5. Ponita,

    That was quite a feat! Not knowing anything about your business venture does not dissuade me from wishing you success.

    You know I have great admiration and respect for the woman you are; may you find great success regarding your new business.


  6. Jimmy, I would have loved to attempt to entertain your guests. I am sure they would find an outspoken, friendly Canadian girl rather amusing. Would I get some of those BBQ'd sausages too?

    Thanks, U. Everyone's support is gratefully appreciated, even if from afar and from those I've not yet met.

  7. I'm so happy for you! You're brave! You are strong and you'll be fantastic!

    You've stopped wondering and are now taking that chance! You know how to live! Congratulations, I'm wishing you the best!

  8. Eros, you're a dear - thank you so much for your kind words. I don't think I've ever had a commenter use an exclamation point after every single sentence before! xoxo

  9. And you have my best wishes on this venture too!

    I tend to be a little on the risk-averse side, if I'm honest, but I recognise that we only accomplish the really rewarding things in our lives by stepping outside of our comfort zones.

    And when someone else takes that first big step, well, it's a cause for applause :-)

  10. Go for it!

    Whatever happens, happens.

    No've demonstrated you're made of magic stuff!

  11. Ro, I have been taking leaps and bounds outside my comfort zone with this... but I can see that the pay off in the future will be huge.. both financially and for me as a person. I am growing in so many ways, it blows my mind!

    Jonas, magic or not, there is something inside of me that is going balls to the walls with this. I have no doubt I will make things happen... big things... and I am stoked! :-D


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