Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The Cat's Pajamas

These used to be my pajamas.... but apparently not anymore!


  1. Hmmmm... a slightly unusual angle for this photie, taken short was we hen?

  2. Jimmy: Just a tad! A regular occurrence whenever I use the loo... ;-)

  3. Hahaha that's awesome!! :)

  4. hehehe! My cat Lola takes up residence like that so times. They must be part marsupial!

  5. Stace: It's hilarious! Until I need to actually get up... then I have to pick her up to get her to stop. I don't need her in my pants when I am actually wearing them! :-)

    XL: I know Pips is part marsupial... she lives to snuggle inside whatever I am wearing - be it hoodie, robe or sweater. She is quite disconcerted by summer garb and lack of a pouch! At least Lila hasn't figured that out... I don't need two cats trying to burrow into my clothing... :-\

  6. Good morning Ponita,

    That kitty is all in your pajamas! Guess that makes them "The Cat's Pajamas"


  7. The U: Mornin', my friend. Exactly! :-D

  8. When one of my cats delivered a hoard of bundles of kitten-shaped fluff many years ago, there was one in particular called Linus who loved to be carried around in the top of my dressing gown, snuggled up against my chest.

    I rather liked it too if I'm honest.

    He later graduated to sleeping inside the foot of my sleeping bag. When I was inside it.

    I must dig out the photos ...

  9. Ha! That's funny!

    Well, better she tugs the PJs then your legs. They must be some comfortable PJs for her to want to be in them...

  10. Hilarious, what on earth goes on in the mind of a kitten? That is truly a good time.

  11. Ro: Do find them! We could compare... ;-)

    Eros: She goes in anything and everything. I don't think comfort is an issue!

    Leah: I swear cats secrete some kind of natural hallucinogen... there is no other way to explain their actions most of the time.

  12. Right!
    Where to start?

    1. Do you always take a video camera with you when nature calls?

    2. Did you start filming before or after the cat came on the scene?

    3. As Jimmy has obviously passed it up again this time;
    Your Pussy just JUMPS out of your pyjamas!


  13. Map: Enquiring minds what to know, eh???

    1. Only after Lila did this repeatedly, and I laughed so hard, did I think to take my camera with me (just my digital which has video capabilities). Must always be on the lookout for blog material, after all. :-)

    2. I waited until she got rolling... which was pretty much the instant she spotted me sitting on the loo with my pj's around my knees.

    3. Can always count on one of you to step up to the plate.... ;-)

    Ahem, indeed! :-D

  14. Yeah, I think you've officially lost those!! About 90% of the time I didn't have a clue what she was chasing!!

  15. And there's video evidence!


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