Tuesday, 28 July 2009

As It Is Written

So here it is. An example of my scrawl that has been gracing medical charts for two decades. Thanks to Mago for putting the bug in my ear to do this. It's been quite interesting seeing people's handwriting. I think it gives you a bit more insight into who they are.... which can be very elusive using the internet!


  1. Your writing is very legible and neat as well!

    I've often wondered if doctors take a unit in med school to learn to write like they do! :)

  2. i LOVE it, sugar! this has been so much fun!!! xoxox

  3. I didnae need to see a sample of your handwriting dollface, I already know what sort of a person you are.

    Perfect... in every way.

  4. Such lovely, legible writing! Every word written thoughtfully, carefully but with a flourish that adds fun.

  5. XL: Thanks!

    I am sure they take Illegible Handwriting 101 in med school... seems to be such a universal thing. ;-)

    Savannah: Hasn't it, though!? xoxo

    Jimmy: Marry me... :-D

    Eros: Thanks! It has been fun to go read others' notes.

  6. Lovely handwriting.
    That way you write your"x"- that's pretty cool.

  7. Austere: Hmmm... there isn't an 'x' to be found in there.


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