Saturday, 5 July 2014

Okay, so I lied

...when I said I wouldn't do the online dating thing again. But in all reality, barring someone setting me up with a brother or friend, I'm not really going places to meet someone new. So online it is.

I've only been on two sites for a few days and lo and behold, yesterday, on both sites, guess who came up as a match in their list of automated potential mates? Yes... Maart. Talk about a feeling of deja vu, as just over a year ago, we'd run across each other on one of these same sites. Oh well. Good luck fishing, buddy. It's a murky pond out there, filled with sharks, bottom feeders, a bunch of hapless guppies and the occasional fantastic sailfish.

I met with one of those guppies this morning. We had messaged back and forth yesterday a number of times, and although I didn't get a good 'feel' of what he's like (some people just aren't good at typing and computer stuff) and his one photo was in winter and kind of far away to really see what he looked like, I agreed to meet him at a local eatery for a 10:00 breakfast.

There were a few people milling about in front when I was walking up, with only one just standing there. Already I knew this probably wouldn't go anywhere. Change the socks to grey (and push them down to scrunched at the ankles), the shoes to beat up runners and the shirt to a light blue checked button down, but he was dressed pretty much like this.

With a very large round belly. Now I am not slim. But at least I dress to camouflage my size when I can. And seeing as how you probably want to make a good first impression, dressing nicely is high on the list of things I do for a meet and greet. Casual but nice.

But whatever. We introduced ourselves and went inside. Chit chatted over a mediocre meal ( tasteless but huge 'wild' blueberry pancakes and partially burned, partially undercooked bacon [I asked for extra crispy... not extra carbon]) and as the hour went on, the conversation petered out. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with me, but no... I have a family thing tonight and another tomorrow, and I have to concoct some rocky road (gluten free) to take for the bbq tomorrow. Plus I have some shopping to do and no, you can't drive me wherever I need to go!!! GAH!!!

I get it. He's lonely. Don't think for an instant that I'm not. But I can deal with it. I spent more time alone over the past 7 years than with someone. You get used to it. This guy is bordering on desperate! No, not bordering. He's there.

Well, I am not. The hunt goes on, halfheartedly, but it goes on. Anyone got a brother or a friend who's available? With some fashion sense...


  1. Oh lord. Not liking the socks and shorts thing.
    As the saying goes, you have to kiss a lot of frogs... etc, etc...

    1. Oh lord, indeed! Nope. Not going to kiss that one. Threw him back in the pond. He needs to find a different guppy.

  2. You may have been burned (and not extra crispy!) but you're not broken. I know you have taste and the good sense not to stoop that low. I still believe "He" is out there. He just needs a map to find you. :)

    Hang in there! Hope the hand is coming along okay.

    1. Thanks, Hope. No, I will not stoop that low!!!! Egads, I almost turned and walked away, but I am not that rude and won't be a no show.

      The hand is coming along, thank you. It is a slow process because this surgery cuts away a section of ligament in the heel of the hand, so doing anything that requires gripping hurts like hell at the moment. But it is already noticeably improving. Just over a week to go until the sutures come out and the slab cast is off. Then rehab begins in earnest!

  3. Would a first meeting be better keeping it shorter - a drink instead of a meal? Having to sit through an indifferent meal with a less than exciting companion sounds not a lot fun.

  4. Words of wisdom by Lady Pat. A drink can be finished in ten seconds if need be. And a lady can leave without any second thoughts.

  5. Uh.

    I tried internet dating might remember? I had to stop because it was just too diabolical. I didn't want to meet any of them...

    I wish you the best of luck darling. Best you slap on the lippy and pucker up...

    1. Yeah, I remember that. And I hate it too. But it is where I met the Man of Steel, as well as Maart. Both of whom I had relationships with that were more than just a few dates. Just as unfortunately, neither lasted because of issues they each had/have. I am not seriously trying this time. I think that is partly why I got a new dog (more on that later!). This way, I get out of the house regularly, even though it not for more than trips to the dog park or long walks.


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