Sunday, 21 July 2013

Summertime Blues?


No blues here.

All is excellent, thankyouverymuch. :-)

The last of the kittens are gone, thank goodness. I had them for 8 weeks and that was more than enough. The final two were taken in to the vet's a couple of weeks ago, to be spayed and neutered at the age of 12 weeks. When the vet got a gander at little Celeste's reproductive parts, she got quite the surprise.

The little minx had been bred! Meaning, that at the extremely young age of (prior to) 12 weeks, Clooney and Celeste had been going at it behind closed doors. The vet had never ever seen kittens that young be sexually active.

I never saw or heard anything, but when I was not home, they were in their room with the door closed (to keep them contained and their food safe from Lila). So they had time on their hands... um, paws. Guess they made the most of it!

They went to a new foster home after they were fixed and I just found out today, that foster family has adopted the two of them together. How sweet is that! They are lovely little cats and Clooney was my fave. I just didn't want more cats in my house, although I was sorely tempted towards the end.

So now it is just me and my girls again. I have the front room back and can get at my computer without getting sliced and diced by squirrelly little kitty claws screaming around playing, using me for a jungle gym. Lila has emerged from hiding most of the time in the basement. Pips revels in having my lap all to herself again.

Lila has even decided that Maart is a good guy. She has come out when he's here, stood in his lap... and then is taken by surprise when she realizes that it is him petting her and not me! She's such a dipstick sometimes. Pips of course loves everyone.

Speaking of everyone, I am having a little family get together this afternoon. Maart will get to meet most of my family, including my two elderly aunts, and a couple of cousins visiting from Vancouver. When I told him I was doing this, and asked if he would come, he said sure. Last weekend, when I reminded him it was coming up and asked him if he was still game, he said (and I quote) "all inclusive or nothing". After only two months of dating me, that's pretty brave! But my family is wonderful (even my slightly loony oldest auntie) and I am sure he will be accepted in no problem.

So you will have to excuse me now, as I have some last minute tidying to do.


  1. Hope a good time is had by all. Maart is making a great impression!

  2. Naughty kittehs!

    Glad it's all back to normal now.

    Lovely to hear it's all good with you and Maart and I hope he gets on with your family. It's great when people all like each other. On the other hand, it's not a disaster when they don't.

    It's all good!


  3. I am curious - does your family still talk to you now?
    Seriously I hope it all went well.

  4. I just read your comment at Roses' - you mentioned a crack that needs repair. Do you know what caused the cracked thing to crack? This could be important for the future development, maybe the foam treatment is just work at the symptom and not a cure?

  5. Mago: The crack is from the foundation settling. Not uncommon around here, given the extremes of climate we have from summer to winter. I've researched the potential fillers and other possible repairs. A new foundation is not at all feasible, and the polyurethane foam injection repair seems to be the best out there. Will have a couple or three estimates and see what the experts have to say.


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