Saturday, 6 July 2013

Did ya miss me!?!?

I'm not gone... and I'm not dead. I'm just busy and the foster kittens (still have two, the other three went to their new homes last Sunday) are still zooming around the house, although a bit bigger (they are 12 weeks old) and more coordinated now. Pips is much more accepting and will play a bit and try and groom them. Lila remains terrified and growls terribly. Although... it is quite hilarious to see a big fluffy cat leap backwards when one of the kittens jumps in her direction. She is such a twit!

Summer is here in full force. It's been hot (30C +/-) and on the (more) humid side (than I like but...), with tons of sunshine but also lots of rain. That means lots of mosquitoes, damn their pointy little faces anyway. I'm loving the hot weather though. Beats -40 C/F any day!!

Still seeing Maart. It's all great. I like him, he likes me, we get along well. So far, that is the story. It's only been eight weeks so what more can I say!!

I've missed lots, and I have no idea when I can catch up. Between work, kittens and Maart, my time is not my own. But I am happy with how things are.

On a side note, I finally got the decision from the Appeal Commission on my shoulder injury as to whether or not the workers compensation board owes me my wages. It has been 2 1/2 years in this battle, and I am so glad it is finally over. And.... I WON!!! Huge relief to know that I will be able to pay down some of the debt that I incurred through that struggle. *big happy sigh*


  1. Yes! Some of us out here HAVE missed ya! Good to know all is well, say 'Hi' to Maart from his namesake. Let him know that two celts are ALWAYS watching oot fer you. :¬)


  2. Ah here you are ... :)

    Congratulation for that win, Ponita! Good to hear that you do feel good!

    Summer is generally a good invention. Here the mosquitoes do not show up in large numbers, this year its ticks: Every time I go over a meadow I will inevitably find 2 or three on my legs at home!

  3. Well of course we did!

    CONGRATULATIONS! No one should have to wait that long but at least the decision went your way.

    Sympathy from the hot and humid south. :)

  4. Map: Thanks, darlin'... I love that you and that other Celt keep watch. Much appreciated for sure! I will buy you two pints one day. xoxoxo

    Mago: We have ticks too... and if you walked through a field here, you might have to pick off 50+. They are bad as well. Thank the gods they can't fly!!!

    Hope: Thank you! It's been a long and stressful haul with that compensation case. I will be breathing a big sigh of relief when my back account takes in that money.

    I hear ya on the hot and humid. You more so than me, but I did live in TX for two years and experienced THAT kind of humid heat. Ick.

  5. Let me get this clear, are you someday going to buy two pints for me, or buy pints (non specific amount) for meself and me pal? :¬)


  6. Map: Pints for you and your (our!) pal, non-specific amount, but not infinite quantity! Clear as mud now? ;-)

  7. Clear as nuns piss. :¬)


  8. I'm so sorry I missed this post when you first put it up.


    Well done and it's about time!

    So funny reading about your kittehs. Pips will just about get used to them and then they'll go off to their forever homes...poor thing.

    Glad it's all good with you.



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