Friday, 4 November 2011

Week's End

It is Friday. The beginning of the weekend with the MoS. He's had a busy week at work, with lots of little things accomplished, and two days spent teaching a group of workers safety stuff. It will be time to kick back and relax tonight when he gets home and I get to his place. Yay!

I've made good progress in my physio this week. Things have been kicked up a notch or two and I am pushing for more range of motion in my shoulder and getting it. Weight has been added (all of two pounds, but you gotta start somewhere, right?) and some new exercises as well. I spent 7 minutes on the hand cycle this morning. It's exactly what you think it is... a tiny exercise bike on a table to exercise the arms instead of the legs. My entire arm was burning by the time the 7 minutes were up! I have NO muscle, let me tell you! That's what happens after 9½ months of not using those muscles much. *argh!* But my physiotherapist said I am graduating up the exercise scale, so that is a very good thing.

In honour of the weekend, and spending time with my man, I am in the process of making cranberry brownies. With a dusting of cocoa powder on top to cut the sweetness a bit, as he doesn't like really sweet things. I figure the tartness of the craisins and the bitter powder on top will balance it all out very nicely!

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. What's happening in your corner of the universe? Whatever it is, I hope you have fun!!

In parting, a little photo of Pips and Lila napping on their cat tree the other day, looking particularly scruffy, as they'd been wrestling and it is now static electricity season here as the humidity drops for the winter. ;-)

(They'll be crazy when I get home on Monday but that's the norm now.)


  1. Click the pic to biggify to see Pips looking at me taking the picture... ;-)

  2. Great pix of the girls! hehe.

  3. Von LX: I have many, many more... ;-)

  4. you probably have as many pictures of your cats as I have of my dogs? :-)

    I'm doing NOTHING this weekend which is perfect. I hope your man is happy with the brownies. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work with your arm. Soon, you'll have those Linda Hamilton guns from Terminator!

  5. Boxer: Of my cats, my former dogs and my former horses... of pretty much every animal that's been in my life since I first got a camera in the 70's!

    I once HAD those Linda Hamilton guns! Hopefully, I can get back to have two equally useful arms. ;-)

    Have a splendid do-nothing weekend!

  6. The weekend will be an improvement over yesterday's trip to the Dentist for routine cleaning...which turned into a filing and NOW a need for a root canal and crown on the tooth below it! Bad thing, the medicine I was taking for asthma did it! (And I will spare you the rest of the details..thanks for letting me vent).

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend and wish me luck as I journey with 16 Sr. Citizens to the beach for 3 days next week...we're off to see a Pirate show..arggh!

    If only I can keep up with them. :)

  7. Hope: Ouch!$!$ All things considered, at least the tooth below can be saved and not pulled. But still... feel free to vent anytime!

    You have a great weekend too. Build up your strength for that beach trip. Do they have off-road wheels for their walkers??? ;-)

  8. I was out last night with The D-Man, will be out for coffee this morning: tonight and tomorrow? Who knows?

    Glad to hear your shoulder is coming along nicely. I suppose that's the difference with physio isn't it? It hurts, but you know it's a good hurt. Keep up the good work my darling, you'll be weightlifting and hauling patients around in no time. xxx

  9. Keep up the physio, and have a great weekend. No gig for me tonight so a night in with all me girls! (I'm sure I'll just get in the way!) :¬)


  10. Did shampooing the cats work with regard to MOS's allergy?
    Have a really greatweekend.


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