Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Finished bike "tree"

I realized the other day that I never posted the final photos of my bike "tree". It took a while to find the right 'ground cover' for the bottom and when I finally did order it from the US, we had a mail strike up here in Canada so it took even longer to get here!

And then I had to hurry up and get it done before my shoulder surgery. I think I did it a couple of nights before. I know that was in July, but just today took some photos of it.

See if you can spot who's a ride in the first two photos!


  1. Erm...what's with the randy rodents?

  2. Dinah: They go up there to get away from the cats. There's a rat around somewhere too... ;-)

  3. Turned out very nice. The rats are an especially nice touch!

  4. That's just gorgeous! What a cool idea.

    I love the mouses.

  5. I hope your shoulder will soon be well enough to ride it!

  6. Are you going to hang pretty lights from them at Christmastime?

  7. Von LX: Rats!!! They took offense that... they are house mice, they will have you know.

    Roses: Wall art... adventure style! ;-)

    Scarlet: It will have to wait until the spring. Winter is setting in and that is no time to ride a bike! We already have a little bit of snow on the ground.

    UB: That had already crossed my mind. Will post photos when I do!

    SF: The bike or the wall decals? Or a mouse, perhaps?!? ;-)

  8. Love the finished look.

    Oh yes, Christmas lights please! :)

  9. A marvelously creative solution to a vexing problem...says the man with two bikes leaning against the living room couch.

  10. Oh! I love this. Great use of a space and you somehow seem to be storing your bike under or in a tree! Love the visual and really clever. Bravo!


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