Thursday, 27 October 2011


I had my three month follow-up appointment with the surgeon today. Has it been three months already? Or, at times, it feels like it's been way longer than three months. What's up with that? A rift in the time-space continuum, perhaps?

He's pleased with the progress I am making in my rehab, and says I am where he would expect me to be, if I was doing physio the way I should be. So that was good news. I have another appointment in six weeks, to see how things are then, and to discuss back-to-work strategy. He figures it will more than likely be 5 - 5½ months post-op for rejoining the workforce. That would put me right at Christmas, so I am going to opt for after New Year's.

But he also said that he wants me to have "light duties" when I go back, which could be something like paperwork only, or some kind of a desk job. I also spoke to my unit manager and she said the hospital has a form that guides the doc in giving more specifics about what he means by light duties. So I will have to get that form before I go back to see him in early December.

I did receive instructions to start pushing through the discomfort more with my exercises, to get the maximum range of motion out of the joint. He basically expects me to do the exercises every hour, for crying out loud! I don't even always remember to do them every day... but will try to be more vigilant from now on.

When visiting the dialysis unit at the hospital today, I noticed they are rolling out the new machines. The old ones had been in use for the past 10 years, so it was time to upgrade. Everyone is a little overwhelmed with learning the new one, which is just an upgrade from the old as it is the same manufacturer. But given that it is en mass, and that some people just don't do well with newer technology, that's to be expected. By the time I go back in January, I will have the trainer all to myself!


  1. You're back (as well as your front)!

    Isn't "nursing" and "light duties" an oxymoron?

    But until you return to work be a good girl and do your exercises. Build up those muscles so you can go back on bedpan duty.

  2. Charlie: You're back too! ;-)

    Yep, there are no "light" nursing duties that I know of. Although the bedpans are lighter, being made of plastic now instead of cold, hard steel. Easy way to bring someone's blood pressure up is to stick a cold metal bedpan under their bum!

  3. Glad you're healing nicely.

    Yep, put off work until the new year, when you get all the tech help to yourself. :)

  4. I had to back-read to catch up on your doings(mainly sort of speed read through comments on other blogs-sorry!)
    But I've put you in the reader now.
    Take care of that shoulder - it is not good to be a unidexterous drinker!

  5. Hope: I like the thought of having both Christmas AND New Year's off... we always have to work one or the other.

    Dinah: Welcome! And thanks... I've become quite ambidextrous through this whole ordeal. Soon, I will be able to do almost everything with either hand. ;-)

  6. See? 'Time do be flyin' as we say here! Who knows, before we know it you'll be Mrs. Ponita MoS! :¬)


  7. I'm glad to hear this. And range of motion is very important.

    Did I miss the posting of the scar? Or is that tacky? (I'm always interested in scars...)


  8. Map: Yeah, time does fly, doesn't it!?!? No wedding bells for me OR the MoS. We've both "been there, done that". xoxo

    Pearl: Yup, ROM is very important! Gotta be able to lift that drink without impediment. No, you haven't missed the scar photos. I'd not thought to do that. (What was I thinking?!?!?) That may very well be my next post! ;-)

  9. Yeah, be sure to get the "light duties" properly specified to protect yourself.

    Overall, it sounds like you've made really great progress!

  10. Great news about your nicely healing shoulder. I'm still struggling with the fact it's already been 3 months.

    Really? No wedding bells? Boo.

    I'm a big fan of weddings. It's the romantic in me.

  11. Who the hell exercises every hour? Madonna, maybe, but I can't think of anyone else. It's an unreasonable request.

  12. Von LX: I could be the "Walmart" greeter for the hospital... I'm a friendly sort and have a nice smile. That would be 'light' enough! :-D

    Roses: Weddings are fine... it's divorces I have problems with. And I don't want to do that again. I can be romantic without the legalities. ;-)

    UB: I bet the doc says that just so you'll do the exercises once a day! I think it's unreasonable as well. I have a life, after all. Well, sort of. ;-)

  13. being romantic without the paperwork is a great way to go. :-)

    I'm glad to hear the shoulder is mending but are you expected to be rehabbing your shoulder 24/7? Shoulders are complicated.

    I can't believe how fast the last 3 months have gone by and yet.... it feels like a year.

    Happy Friday!

  14. Boxer: 24/7 is a bit much, isn't it. And time is a very strange concept with things like this. So short and yet it seems like forever.

    Happy Friday to you too! I hope your weekend is restful.


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