Tuesday, 4 October 2011

It's that time again!

(Fall on the hobby farm I lived on a few years ago. Isn't that gorgeous?)

It's officially Fall. Although you'd not know it by the weather here. It's been unseasonably warm. In fact, we've had days where the high was a good 10+ degrees C above the norm!!! I am sooooo not going to complain about that! Winter will be here soon enough, requiring multiple layers of fleece and down to ward off frost bite and death by solidification. (Which reminds me... I need new boots.)

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada next Monday, October 10th. Time for turkey! And pumpkin whatever! Time with loved ones, laughing and talking and playing with the little ones.

Although turkey is available at anytime in the grocery store, it seems we only have it a few times a year. I don't know why. It's not really a conscious decision, because I could eat it every week if I so desired!

My vegetarian niece is hosting this year's gathering and in years past when she's had to handle a turkey, she's been so totally grossed out that she asked if lasagna would be okay this year instead. We all agreed that would be fine so non-traditional dinner it is! I am, however, making that Maple Pumpkin cheesecake that I made a while back for that dinner party with the MoS. I am pretty sure it will be as big a hit with my family as it was with his friends!!!

Besides, it is the time of year for all things pumpkin. I need to get to the ice cream shoppe on the other side of town for their pumpkin pie ice cream. Maybe I will just buy a tub of it and share it with the MoS... With him living north of the city, getting to places like that aren't always easy and that shoppe will be closing for the winter soon.

So because Thanksgiving dinner with my family will not involve a large roasted and stuffed bird, the MoS and I are going to have our own little turkey dinner on Sunday. I'm going to order a fresh bird (the smallest turkey they can find since it will just be the two of us and a chicken just will not do!) from the local meat shop and will pick that up on Friday. We'll do the whole nine yards, with stuffing in the turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and some vegetable... candied yams come to mind. Pumpkin pie ice cream for dessert, and we are good to go!


  1. Wow! Spectacular colors! Used to have trees ablaze like that for about a week when I lived in Michigan.

    I tend to get a turkey breast throughout the year, about every two or three months. With cranberries. Why limit it to Thanksgiving/Xmas?!

  2. What a beautiful tree!

    And how kind you are for our niece! Most families will pout and stomp, "But it's how we ALWAYS do it!"

    Best Thanksgiving ever was when Hubby and I stayed home..and prepared a whole Thanksgiving dinner just for us! I like turkey sandwiches!

  3. Such contrasts - all that wealth of colour and then a white out.
    Do you have roast potatoes, bread sauce, and sausages with your turkeu?

  4. Or even with your turkey?

  5. Stop talking about food. I'm feeling hungry now, and I've just had my breakfast.

  6. Von LX: We both prefer the dark meat, so just a breast wouldn't be a good choice for us. ;-) But yes with cranberries for sure!

    Hope: That's a Manitoba Maple. I love the colours they turn! Fall flames...

    I have a fantastic family and there is never any pouting or foot stomping. ;-)

    Pat: The whiteout had better wait for a month or two. I am in no mood for cold weather just yet!

    I don't know what bread sauce is... will have to google that one. I make a stuffing (using bread cubes) that goes inside the turkey to be roasted. We do mashed potatoes (have to have somewhere to put the gravy, after all) but no sausages.

    Dave: I promise to be quiet until the next time I mention food. ;-)

    If you are still hungry, have something else to eat.

  7. I did mean "your" niece.

    Then again, lots of you out here in Blog world are nicer than some of my family and kinder too, so maybe she is my niece in an unusual way. :)

  8. Hope: I knew what you meant... and I'm sure she'd not mind being your niece as well. ;-)

  9. What a lovely way to celebrate Thanksgiving. And I'm with your niece on this one about turkey. We have duck for our Winter festival.

    Happy Thanksgiving gorgeous.


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