Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Keeping busy and such like

Busy busy busy... that's me!

The spare bedroom is now completely redecorated, including fresh paint, lovely burgundy curtains for a closet door (where none previously existed), a new coverlet for the bed and coordinating miniblinds for the window on order and (hopefully) to arrive on Thursday.

All in time for a friend coming to visit for a few days next Monday.
Lila has checked out the new decor and has given it her approval. She even left a small area of kitty fluff on the coverlet after her nap, just to show her thumbs' up. (The walls are buttery yellow... photo taken with my cell phone in the early morning so lighting is a bit iffy.)

I'm putting in a 52 hour work week in preparation of next week's company. Good thing I'm in the profession I'm in, as it allows a lot of flexibility for getting time off if you're willing to slog away at the salt mines for a few extra days.

Sunday was gorgeous... warm and sunny and dry enough to cut the grass. My cousin and his girlfriend live in the country and were having remote controlled boat races in their yard the other day.... just a tad more water than I have. Fun at the time but a veritable mass production factory for mosquitoes... yikes!

Speaking of those little nasties, heard on the radio that a woman who emigrated to Manitoba from Africa can't believe how vicious and voracious our mosquitoes are... apparently much worse than anything she'd experienced back home. Must be the shorter warm season... the skeeters have to get all their blood sucking done in a few months, where over there, they have all year.

And you know the sound of hordes of skeeters surrounding you? Well, guess what sounds like that on a massive scale? Those vuvuzelas they've been blasting at the World Cup. Apparently they put out about 127 decibels. A chainsaw is 100 db. There were an estimated 85,000 of them in that stadium. Wonder if they will report on increased hearing aid sales after the games are over????

There's a weekly lottery here that is up to a main prize of $50 million with an additional 45 prizes of $1 million each. I am so buying a bunch of tickets for Friday's draw!!! That's retirement plan B. See top of page for retirement plan A... work, work, work.


  1. Jeez you have been busy busy busy!
    Weather is fine here too.
    Don't forget your friends when you win the lottery eh? :¬)


  2. the room decor sounds and looks lovely, sugar! after this mad week, i KNOW y'all will be glad to have the R&R with friends! xoxoxoxo

  3. love this post... love red... my husband has that t-shirt...:)

  4. Lila has good management skills judging by the results!

  5. Map: If I win that $50 mill, I'll be a world traveller, visiting all my friends!!!! xoxoxo

    Savannah: Am soooo looking forward to the R&R next week! xoxoxo

    Shanel: It's a nice dark wine red... looks stupendous with the yellow walls.

    XL: Lila is the final inspector... Pips is actually a much better manager than Lila, as she stays calm and doesn't try to play with everything while the work is being done. ;-)

  6. You must be chuffed to bits that you've managed to get it all done - I hope you enjoy having your visitor - and it's purrfect that Lila has given your efforts the thumbs-up! :)

  7. Wow...I'm exhausted reading this. You definitely DESERVE a break! Enjoy!

  8. Helga: I am! It was a challenge keeping the cats out of the room while painting (they'd try to zoom in whenever I opened the door) but I managed and it's done and I am right chuffed!

    Hope: I'm so looking forward to next week... It'll be great!

  9. Congratulations on a job fantastically done! Great color and fabric choices! And feline approved!

    Enjoy your visitors and your time off! Hope the mosquitoes don't bother you and that you find some fun things to do. Enjoy your good company!

  10. You put me to shame with your work/busy balance. I feel the call of tidying the house at the weekend. And I'll probably ignore it as always.

  11. If plan b works on Friday, come to Franconia and have the time of your life! :)


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