Sunday, 21 March 2010

For Map....

The hurting is hard...

The hugs help....

Time will lessen the pain....

Hold on....


  1. (((((ponita & map))))) we're all in this together, sugar! xoxoxoxoox

  2. I am saving my blue and depressed for work tomorrow. More appropriate.

  3. You are a kind person, that's for sure.

  4. We had a agreat night tonight. Many hundreds came to visit Fats in the funeral home. I gave him one last kiss before they closed the coffin. And then we all went to the pub and remembered him with family and friends.

    Tomorrow the burial, and then we all go to our local, and there will be many pints, many stories, much singing, and playing of music. And it will be a long day, and a happy day!

    Thank you my friend. :¬)


  5. Oh Map! That is so excellent! I'm so glad... {{hugs}} xoxoxo

  6. Poor Mr. Map seems to be getting more than his fair share of abuse these days. Hope he finds some comfort in these postings.

  7. I'm sorry at your loss Map, but glad you're surrounded by loving friends. Yeah, including us too.

    Nicely put Ponita!


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