Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Flying Frenchman


  1. What an incredible team they make! Wonderful!
    (As is the backround music.)

    Ta. :¬)


  2. That's pretty cool. Definitely different. Those horses are awesome! And that dude is pretty skilled to able to stand on the horses while they do all those jumps and turns. Fantastic.

    I wouldn't recommend getting the water with jeans though. That could lead to some serious chafing.
    Best remove them before getting yourself wet.

  3. Have you seen them in person?

  4. Map: Welcome! :-)

    Eros: I was amazed watching those jumps!!!
    And riding in damp jeans is deadly - had that experience on a trail ride on a hot, humid day once.... rubbed the backs of my thighs completely raw. Hurt like hell!!!

    XL: No, but I sure would love to!

  5. What is it about human/animal relationships that touches our soul? I loved the scene in the beginning where the horse goes down on his front knees and then turns his face to the side on the ground. Pure beauty.

    Thanks so much for the clip.

  6. Charlie: I know... that bond is so completely different from what we form with other humans, isn't it? You're welcome!

  7. It's really quite a beautiful display of horsemanship. I just try not to dwell on the fact that they also sell horse meat for human consumption in France.


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