Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Remembrance Day

Lest We Forget

My father was in the Royal Canadian Air Force. He never saw battle, but proudly serve our country for many years. I have uncles and grandfathers who served as well, some in battle, others in non-combat positions. One uncle came back with a metal plate in his head.

After my parents divorced and my mum remarried, I discovered my stepfather had served in the Forces as well. As a very young man (he lied about his age and was 17 when he enlisted, I believe) he fought on the beach in Normandy. He was one of the very few survivors from his battalion and to the day he died, he felt guilty that so many of his comrades had died and he had not. It brought him to tears. I cannot even begin to imagine the horror soldiers feel when going into battle, having to kill others and watching their own get killed. Especially a teenager.

Today is Remembrance Day. I was at a meeting this morning and we showed our respect to the troops, both past and present, by listening to this rendition of Taps. This is done by a Dutch girl, Melissa Venema, who was 13 at the time of the performance. It is called Il Silenzio, and is a formal rendition of Taps. Needless to say, we all had tears in our eyes. Taps was played at my father's funeral... the standard rendition. This would have been my choice if I had known about it then.


  1. That was indeed a very beautiful version of the song.

    You can be very proud of your family members who served. No matter what their assignments were, they all contributed to your country. It is good that there is a day set aside for all of us to remember.

  2. XL: Isn't it, though? I'd never heard this version before today.

    I am proud of all of them, and of everyone I know who served. That includes you, my friend. xoxo

  3. Jimmy: This is one thing that will bring a tear to my eye... there aren't many things that do.

  4. Pon, this reminds me of me Da. He too served in the army, and was so proud. The nearest I got to a proper uniform was during the many years I spent in Pipe Bands. I'll never forget the look on Da's face every time he saw me in full regalia. He insisted on shining my buttons and buckles, and polishing my shoes!

    He never wanted any of us to join up though, I suppose he had his reasons.

    Here's to the memory of all good soldiers.


  5. Map: We all have memories, I think, of someone involved in wars or conflicts or service in the forces.

    Slainte back at you, hon. xoxoxo

  6. Hi Ponita,

    Very moving and touching rendition; no words are necessary.


  7. It is good to take time to honor and remember those who gave up their rights and their lives to defend the rights and the lives of the rest.

    That was a very beautiful rendition of a universally loved song that honors the passing of loved ones.


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