Monday, 11 May 2009

Weekend Weather

This past weekend, I awoke to find the season traveling backwards in time... back to winter and cold. It was barely +2C when I let Zoë out in the yard for her morning constitution. The snow was falling, the wind blew from the north, nipping at my nose.

I was not a happy camper. Had we been foresaken by Mother Nature completely? Were we to be forever locked into a stalled season of cold and ice? It appeared that way. I had to put my winter jacket on... the high that day was a paltry +5C.

(click on the pics to see the gory details)

And then Sunday dawned... bright and sunny... warm with a gentle breeze. My front garden displayed these little lovelies, all pink and perky for all the world to see. With temperatures reaching somewhere close to +20C, it was a far cry from the previous day... and just in time for Mother's Day!


  1. Does Zoë mind the snow?

    That last flower pix is great!

  2. Oh Hai XL!

    Zoë loves snow. Rain, she hates. Puddles, well put it this way. She'll go around if she can, or will mince through them on tippy toes if she must. Snow is marvelous stuff, especially for eating. She grazes... literally... through the snow banks in the winter. And icicles are to die for!

    Go figure for a dog that doesn't grow and undercoat and has to wear coat and boots when it's really cold outside.

    I love that last photo! Very pleased with how it turned out.... thanks!

  3. Lovely photies Pon. The weather here today is uncharacteristically (wow, had to think 'bout that) beautiful. Had a lovely walk to school this morning with the Youngest. Long may it last.

  4. We have wind.
    Crikey your weather sounds eratic. I thought British weather was bad. Does it get really hot in summer?

  5. Map: Excellent! I will keep my fingers crossed that it lasts. :-)

    Scarlet: Oh yeah... it is erratic. You know the old saying... if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes. ;-)

    I can get smokin' hot in the summer. We often have temps above 30C. And it is humid here in the summer. This year, with the amount of water standing around in fields from the spring flooding, they are predicting a bumper crop of mosquitoes...

  6. "They" say that it might snow on Friday :(
    Global warming? Warming schmarming!

    I have seen migrating Warblers in the back yard, a couple of Mosquitos and the Raccoons are oot & some creatures think that it's Spring. For the most part I remain largely unconvinced.

  7. I had to put the boiler on again here at the weekend too! Since then the weather has warmed up but the wind is a blowing and I've come home today to a tree lying on what remains of the ponies field shelter!

  8. Ahhhh... so this is the major link between Britain and Canada - it's the wonky weather!

  9. Moot: I think they have now upgraded Friday to just cool and wet... but still - it sucks!

    zIggI: Oh no! I hope there are no pony remains in the remains of the shelter...

    Scarlet: That, along with the Queen and the letter Zed. ;-)

  10. They don't call it WinterPeg for nothin'!

  11. Moot: Yeah, and those showers are coming in my basement.... =| I need a couple of those long downspout extensions to get the water away from the house. Will be heading to the store NOW!!

    MJ: Wet Windypeg right now and Winterpeg tonight when the temp goes down to -4 and the rain turns to snow.... argh!!!

  12. Not envious of your cold weather, Ms P, so hope it gets nice and warm for you, soon, soon, soon!

    I *love* the photos of the tulips - my favourite blooms!

  13. Those tulips are wonderful - I adore tulips.
    In Manchester today it is predictably grey, wet and 'orrible.


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