Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Rose Is A Rose

It's a beautiful rose and it's opening up very nicely. However, it has to live on top of the fridge as you know who wants to chomp on it. Taking it down today to take this photo also meant stopping That Damn Cat from having it for breakfast!


  1. Pon, there is a caption for that pic but it is just TOO rude! You know where I was goin' don't ya?

  2. My cat likes to snap the heads off flowers with his teeth and spit them out.

  3. Map: But of course I do! I'd expect nothing less from you, my dear. ;-)

    MJ: Sounds like he was a Weed Wacker in a previous life.

  4. Why do cats want to chomp on everything? My cat almost gagged on a paper clip the other day.

  5. Hi Ponita,

    That is a lovely rose my friend...I'm appreciative that we can have that moment of comfortable silence. You know, I've never heard it expressed so intimately in a way that isn't lethal; just very cool.Glad to see that cat is still cooling it and getting into stuff.


  6. Random: Cats just seem to have a death wish, don't they???

    U: I'm pleased that you like that term 'comfortable silence'... it is a huge thing when you find someone you can do that with.

    Yes, That Damn Cat is still at it. Unfortunately the rose is now drooping its head as she pulled it out of the vase so it was without water for a while... but it still smells heavenly. :-)


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