Thursday, 26 March 2009

If I had balls...

... they'd be broken by now.

Over the past couple of days, a Colorado Low blew through my neck of the woods and dumped a whole whack of snow on us.

As if we hadn't had enough crap weather this winter.

Monday, my front yard was close to being snowless... well, except for the part that is shadowed by the large Blue Spruce. But the front garden under the window was bare and the hens and chicks were there, still green from last year, just waiting for a little warmth to prompt new growth. Of course, I don't have photos of them as they are now buried under a couple feet of new snow.

see that mound by the tree? I just made that...

the hens and chicks lie buried here... just this side of that bush thingie

I think we got somewhere around 20 cm of snow. It started with some rain Tuesday morning. The sidewalk was wet when I let the dog out in the early dimness for a pee.

By the time I had to go out at 8:30 a.m., it was ice pellets. That turned to sleet in short order. And the wind... well, this isn't Windypeg for nothin'!

The streets were getting pretty slick. The huge puddles of meltwater around the city, some of which covered the road from curb to curb and then some, were starting to thicken up.

I worked evenings on Tuesday and when I drove home at midnight, one of the streets I travel down routinely had a lake in it. It is a divided road, with a wide median, so the lake was contained on the northbound side. Crawled through that as I didn't want to stall out in the middle and have to wade through the icy cold water.

Well, on waking Wednesday morning, I saw freshly fallen snow everywhere. I had to be at work for 11:30, so I headed out at about 10:50. And then had to spend fifteen minutes shovelling snow to (a) get off my step, (b) get to the back gate, (c) open the back gate (it swings out into the parking area) and (d) walk to the door of my truck. All of the above areas had drifts of snow. Some of which were about 2 1/2 feet high in places.

the front gate and step just to the left

front sidewalk outside the fence

this is my parking space in the back

this pile of snow was residing in my parking space a short time ago

And that large lake on the northbound side of the road? It was now the consistency of a Slurpee and there were four vehicles trapped in its icy grip. Reminder to self.... don't drive home that way after work (which I remembered, and thus avoided having to 4x4 over the median to avoid Slurpee Drive).

Did Mother Nature not get the memo about it being SPRING?!?!?! That occurred last week already... WTF??? With the horrendous winter we had just suffered through, one would think we would be in for a bit of a reprieve from crap weather, but nooooo....

Colorado should keep their Lows to themselves.

Why don't I have teenaged boys to do the shovelling?

can I look any less impressed???

You'll have to excuse me now... my back is broken and I must go take drugs and soak in a hot tub with salts....

And then plan my move south... far south.... where it NEVER snows.


  1. Didn't know you guys got that sort of weather from south of the border.

    I hope you have a snowblower and didn't do all of that clearing with the shovel!

  2. Wow, that is some snowdrift!
    Sorry I couldn't give ya a dig-out.

  3. I tell you what reet... hows-a-boot I go run you a nice hot bath, light a few candles, and dim the lights. You throw in some bath oils and I'll lay out some nice warm towels.

    You go lay in the tub, I'll fix us both a nice drap of brandy, and then I'll come in and give you a nice sensual back rub.

    When we're done, fix your hair and put on your face. I'll take you into toon and treat you to a nice cosy dinner for two.

    Tomorrow, I'll have a couple of my fellas roond at the crack of dawn to clear the snow and salt your paths.

    How does that sound doll?

  4. Hi Ponita,

    That's why I no longer call "Chicago my home!"

    I won't be satisfied now until I can see the Pacific coast from my window.

    Stay warm Ponita.


  5. QUICK Ponita - take Jimmy up on that offer afore he changes his mind.
    Outrageous weather - but you look cute in the hat.

  6. XL: No snowblower... unless you count me huffing and puffing as I shovelled all that snow.

    Map: Help would have been soooo appreciated! Just be glad you don't have to deal with the likes of this.... it is crap!

    Jimmy: You, dear sir, are my Knight in shining armour! A massage for the ache... Ooooohhhh, you don't know how much I need that! I have just the outfit in mind for that cozy dinner... ;-)

    Best tell your fellas to bring strong backs too... the snow is still blowing around and drifting in.

    Thanks a bunch, sweet cheeks! You've made me smile...

    U: Yes, in Chicago... the other Windy City... you would know what I am talking about.

    Kaz: I plan on it... Don't you worry!

    Outrageous that I have to wear that hat at this time of year!

  7. Well, you do take some very lovely pictures of some very harsh weather. I like playing in snow, but I hate shoveling it. I feel for you.

    In a few weeks, Spring will arrive; then comes the hot, humid, mosquito filled summer. And in a few years, global warming will give you oceanfront property! I hope you have an ample supply of hot chocolate.

    The problem with teenage boys is that they'll eat you out of house and home. You'll be left out in the cold! Here's to hoping you get warm and sunny skies soon.

  8. Eros: It actually isn't all that cold... if you discount the wind. The ambient temp is -9C but it feels like -19 (which, I believe, is right around zero for you). Considering we hit -43 with the wind just a couple weeks ago, this ain't bad!

    I won't have oceanfront property in a few years... I'll be at the bottom of a sea. That's what this was thousands of years ago - Lake Agassiz. I would need an ark.

    I know all about teenage boys - I have two brothers and know how much they ate. In fact, I ate pretty the same for a couple of years myself... considering I was over 5'8" at age 12!

    Sun is never really lacking here... just the warmth. But it is on its way. Can't say I am looking forward to mosquito season, but at least I only have to put on repellant and not multiple layers of clothing ala the Michelin Man.

  9. Mago: You wouldn't think so if you had been here... or did you mean the hat? :-D

  10. The hat and it's content.

  11. Mago: Awwww.... thanks! You're such a sweetie. MWUAH!

  12. "MWUAH!"? Is that a strange twitteresque "short" for something nasty? Or the onomatopoetic transliteration for a Schmatz on my stubbly cheek? :)

  13. Mago: Nothing nasty at all, my friend... a big, fat Schmatz (I like that word!) for sure... stubble is no problem. :-)

  14. Mago: I hope I understood the context of that word... I took it to mean a 'smack' on the cheek, as in a kiss.... am I correct???? English is a very convoluted language in that there are so many meanings for one word...

  15. :) Yeah, I feel smacked ... *heheeee *
    "Don't think twice, it's allright" as the master saied. Sorry, must sleep now.


  16. Mago: Don't apologize... it is very late with the time difference... sleep well!

  17. Jimmy, methinks mrs. bastard has been away on bizzy too lang!

  18. Map: Oh now hush.... you're spoiling the mood!

  19. Stop it at once or you'll get frown lines.

  20. I don't blame you for looking most disgruntles. That weather looks like proper grown up weather. Not my idea of fun. It's ideal for staying up and drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows. Why do they expect anyone to go to work?

    Fly south!!!

  21. I might be willing to take on all that snow if I had an awesome hat like yours!

  22. We had snow back in February. The country ground to an icy stop, and we all patted ourselves on the back for being British and just getting on with life as best we could.

    It pails into insignificance next to what you've got.

    I think I'm totally over my childhood appreciation of snow.

  23. I am coming to get you.

    Horse is being saddled right now.

    The sky is blue here, not a breath of wind, sunshine pouring must get outta there.

    Have had a few little curve balls to deal with, 'sokay mate.

    But what have you done to your cat!?

    Pam, from where the weather sits around 80 to 90 degrees far. this time of year....

    Take care. Watch out for frostbite.

  24. MJ: Too late....

    Madame: We have 4 wheel drive... and plenty of hot chocolate.

    Andrea: For a day, maybe... but not for 5 months, I bet!

    Tim: You Brits almost died with the paltry amount of snow you got! How can a country run out of salt?????

    Scarlet: Proper? It's down right indecent, to my way of thinking! It's supposed to Spring, for Pete's sake! (whoever Pete is....)

    PAM!!!! You're alive! Woman, it is great to hear from you! Bring a pony for me and we'll ride off into the heat wave you're having down there.... it will be most welcome!

    Hope all is okay... you'll have to fill us in on the details.

    That Damn Cat is fine... still bouncing off the walls as per usual. Just a little wrinkle in the fabric of life a while back.

    Threat of frostbite is receding quickly... temps will be above freezing by next week (or so they say.... however they are...)

    Big hugs!!!!

  25. Hmm, online dating? You have a small masochistic streak in your personality? Oh Dear, I really wish that you meet a good man.

  26. Mago: Yeah, online dating... again. I guess I am a bit masochistic, but there isn't really any other way to meet anyone.

    The horse world around here is full of women and kids... and the few men involved are not ones I would even *think* of trying to date. Work... well, I refuse to date someone I work with, although there is the rest of the hospital...

    I have a dog but that doesn't work either... there's always someone who says 'get a dog and go walking.' Been doing that for years now... with no luck.

    So I will try my hand at the online thing once more. Only with much fewer expectations this time... to avoid the frustation. We'll see how long I last! ;-)

  27. We too busy putting it on our chips of course!


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