Thursday, 10 January 2019

New Slippers

There has been a vilification of Crocs all over the internet, pointing out their ugliness, their wide-footed lack of style. There are, however, proponents in favour, who wear them with everything from work uniforms to wedding dresses. You can bedazzle the shit out of them if you want bling on your feet for that formal night out. Splash paint on them to make custom Pollock-esque footwear.

A number of nurses I work with wear them everyday on the job. At work I prefer something with more lateral support that will stay on my feet when I have to move suddenly and quickly. Sometimes, you just gotta run for that basin when someone is puking their guts out! So I wear New Balance shoes as I have narrow feet and they have narrow sizes in some styles.

But at home, I prefer something I can slip in and out of easily, something that has some arch support and some cushioning. My feet have taken quite a beating over the almost 3 decades of nursing and some squishing comfort is a must. So I bought a pair of Crocs.

What do you think?

I think they coordinate with my pjs quite well! And they are "dual comfort" so even more comfy that the usual everyday uglies you see adorning the feet of people everywhere.


  1. I have noticed quite a few medical professional wearing Crocs. I take that as testament to their comfort/utility in a medical environment.

    Yours are very nice looking. Not at all Croc-ey looking in the customary sense; I would not know they were Crocs if you hadn't mentioned it. Well done.

    PS: I do still enjoy tormenting MJ about Crocs over at Infomaniac.

  2. I think your outfit looks nice and tasteful.
    The answer for professionals on food around here is Birkenstock. They are comfortable & indestructible. No matter what matter is splashed over them. I think they even have a series for professionals in hthe healing profession.
    I wear a pair of their slippers with that marvellous footbed for ages now. And as we speak of crocs - I just looked, there have been croc-stilettos last summer.

  3. I love mules as house shoes. I've been gagging for a pair of Mahabis for a couple of years now. They have removable rubber soles for inside and outside wear. They are a little beyond my budget for slippers though!
    I think you look very stylish.

    1. As I read on their website the company is "under administration" - so perhaps shoe sellers / warehouses do get rid of their stopcks of these shoes, preferably by slashing prices ?

    2. Thanks for this, Mr Mags! I shall keep an eye out for old stock.


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