Tuesday, 22 October 2013

All fixed up

Yes, Mago... my foot is still attached. And it has healed... but it did require a visit to the Emergency Room to be seen after day 6, when it had blown up rather nastily and was itchier than a dog with a wicked case of fleas.

Just prior to seeing the doctor on Sept. 27th.

24 hours later and it's already looking much better.

While the colour looks worse, this is actually
an improvement as the swelling and itching were greatly reduced.
This is after 3 days of meds.

I got the necessary medications... and then went to see my family doctor and am awaiting allergy testing to make sure future stings won't be even more of an issue. It took weeks for the redness to fade away.

So that's all good.

And so is my crack.

All fixed up, that is.

Okay, so it's my house's crack. And a big one it was. After getting a few estimates on repairs, I decided to tackle the thing myself with a kit from the local hardware store. I figure this is the more affordable option at this point. If it leaks again, then I will hire someone to do something further about it.

Here, in sequence, is a series of photos showing the progression of the repair and the final thing.

You may recall this gaping maw?

This is the inside view. That bit of blue in the middle is
daylight ~ you could see right outside!

First thing was to glue plastic injection ports
every 6 - 8 inches along the crack.

Then seal the ports and the open crack with
quick drying concrete.

Polyurethane polymer foam was injected into the ports, 
starting at the bottom and working up.

Once fully cured (2 days), the ports were nipped off.
That way, nothing will poke holes in the insulation when I
get around to finishing the wall on the inside.

Here, the foam is beginning to ooze out the crack.

Fully cured, the foam looks like some
kind of giant fungus.

I then hacked away at the foam (it's tough stuff, that!) to
trim it to just inside wall level.

The foam was sealed against the elements with
concrete caulking.

For added insurance, I put a clear plastic window well cover over
the repaired area, just to keep rain and snow as far away from the
wall as is practical.

So far, the basement is dry. We've had some pretty good rain a few times and snow will be on the way very soon. I'm hoping this holds out for a long time. Sometimes... the simplest fix works for years. Fingers crossed!


  1. Ooo….That's rather nifty the way you sealed the crack. I've got a massive crack in my pantry cupboard and you've given me an idea…

    Sounds like you've had a vile time of it with your foot. Hope it's now all sorted and you're good to go. Does that mean you'll have to walk around with an epi pen or piriton as standard in case you get stung again? That's a heck of a reaction.

    1. I am to go for allergy testing to see if I need an epipen (or some version thereof). Glad I can give you ideas! Hope whatever you do deals properly with your crack. ;-)

  2. Wish you all the best, you need to dip that foot in the sea!!
    Cheers, Sausage...

    1. Very good advice! Only... it's at least 3000+ km to either ocean from where I live. So I'll do something about the in Match, when I'm in the Cancun area.

  3. Very pleased to see that things are on the mend! The wall patch looks like it will be especially effective.

    1. Thanks! I'm pleased that my foot is healed, and the house is leak free. I'm hoping both stay in their current states for a long time!

  4. impressive, sugar! ;~) xoxoxoxoxo

  5. Glad to see your world is back in order..because you are one creative, strong woman!

    Hope the foot thing NEVER happens to you again. Now, can you make Cats wait on you hand and foot for a while? ;)

    1. The cats wait on ME? Are you kidding? They expect me to do that for them, no matter what condition I'm in! Ungrateful little sods, they are sometimes. ;-)

  6. I simply refuse to be drawn into a conversation involving your crack. However, should you wish it to be completely filled then I have just the tool for the job.

    Take your mind out of the gutter dear lady...

    1. Yes, I know you have just the tool for the job. You're a very handy man to have around. You're always up for a challenge.

      My mind never strays into the gutter, dear Chef...

  7. Good to learn that the lovely foot is back to its lovely healthy colour, unitching and all.
    Regarding that hole in the wall - What caused it? Is your house gently sinking in on one corner or is it related to that ex-tree I see in the last photograph?
    I am sure that you solved this problem professionally - I would not even have had an idea what to do, except nail something over - but is this the root of the problem? Hopefully so.

    1. We've had a couple of very dry years here and the large trees on my neighbour's property (which just happen to grow right close to the edge of my yard) have been sucking up all the soil's moisture. Needless to say, this causes contraction of the clay-based soil and yes, the corner of my house has dropped as a result. I could have had that fixed for a paltry $25,000 but I didn't have that kind of spare change lying around.

      The ex-tree you saw was not from the culprit mentioned above, but from my stash of logs for the firepit in the backyard. It served as a stool while I worked on the exterior of the crack. My poor old knees are really not in any shape for the squatting down required to work so close to ground level.

  8. Oh that sting looks like a nasty one. Is this the first time a sting has caused you so much swelling?
    I will avoid any entendres about the crack... because it seems that they have already been taken... and I admire the workmanship on both.

    1. Considering the last time I was stung was probably over 40 years ago, I honestly don't recall what my reaction was. Other than jumping around and yelling, of course. But I am sure my mother would have informed me if it had been anything like this.

      Yes, the cracks about my crack have been good ones. You can take a crack at it too, if you really feel the need. ;-)


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