Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Never Ending Winter

It is April 21st, right?

Spring has been here officially for a month, right?


I think time has literally frozen and I live in the Land of the Never Ending Winter.

I am not amused.

And neither is Pips, apparently.


  1. And if you go look at the post from February (hey, I've been consistent with one post a month so far!) you'll see that in two months, the level of snow has decreased only marginally. It's getting depressing already!!!

  2. There is The Endless Summer. You guys are having The Endless Winter!

  3. Wow! We didn't get the first flake of snow this year..guess it all stayed with you.

    Sending warm thoughts. Open your door and I'll send some sunshine up your way, even though it is cooler today than last week.

  4. LX: I could live with endless summer! When I lived in San Diego, I was quite happy with the climate. And if I wanted snow... just drive to the mountains! I'm sick of this winter. :-(

    Hope: Today is overcast because it is snowing, but we actually get a ton of sunshine during the winter. So don't worry about that part... just send the warm air!! Thanks!

  5. Like a wee crocus popping its pretty head up fae all the snow, you arrive right on time. Is it the winter knickers that you still have pulled up tight to your chin hen?

  6. Chef: Winter knickers and snow boots! The crocuses here are still buried under the snow. Perhaps they will bloom in June?

  7. Yer knickers bloom in June? I'm confused, and drunk! :¬)


  8. Pony-doll, I look forward to seeing your bloomers in June.

  9. Ugh.

    You have my total sympathy.

    Warm hugs for you and Pips.

  10. Oh yes, I nominated you for a blog award.

    Want to play?

    Oh go on, you know you want to!


  11. i am so never, ever, ever going to complain about the weather here, sugar! ;~) xoxoxox

  12. It's enough to make a cat flap!

  13. Dear Ponita - didn't you say some time ago something about receipe? Something with oranges?


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