Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Awash in a sea...

... of boxes!


As moving day approaches, more and more things find themselves packed away into cardboard boxes.

So far, neither cat has been packed away, although Pips has tried many times by sitting inside half filled boxes. Lila is not interested in getting into a box, but seems determined to get what I put in out by digging around through the interlocked flaps once the box has been packed and stacked.

So far, she has not succeeded in hauling anything out. I would have to kill her if she did. Not literally, of course. But she would definitely get yelled at!

I take possession of my new house on Monday. I am trading vehicles with the MoS for most of that week so that I can fill his truck up with boxes and stuff and take it to the house each day after work. He will be stuck driving my little 4 banger around. But hey, it was his idea!

We will be taking my tv, computer and phone to the house Monday morning, as I have the guy coming in the afternoon to get everything hooked up and running. My 42" LCD tv won't fit in my little car, and I can't lift it by myself so he's agreed to give me a hand.

Plus I bought a set of speakers for the tv that will  give me amazing surround sound for movies and superb sound for music. Can't wait to get everything set up once I am all moved in!

Furniture moving day is Sunday, Aug. 26th. Once that day is done, it's a clean of the apartment and I am done with renting! I hope to never be in that situation again, or at least until they stick me in a home where I can trundle down the hallway in my wheelchair, making lewd comments to any young men who happen to work there!


  1. All the very best of luck with your move, Ponita!
    The sight of those packing boxes are bringing me out in a cold sweat though!

  2. Those boxes are cat paradise!

    Which surround sound system did you get?

    NAG --> Please take with the shoulder during the move!

    Oh Hai Miss Scarlet!

  3. Email me yer new addie, meself & the other fella will be round to help! (There's Scotch in dem boxex right??) :¬)


    @Scarlet; Whoohoo! Scotch! :¬)

  4. Scarlet: *hands her a towel* There, there, now Scarlet. I certainly don't want to cause you any undo stress! Perhaps a lie down is in order?

    LX: Could you fluff Miss Scarlet's pillows please?

    Thank you and yes, the boxes are kitty heaven! The shoulder is pretty much normal and I am sure it will not cause any issues, but your nag is noted.

    Map: Hey, there'll be scotch AND beer if the two of you will come help!! I'll even put some steaks on the BBQ and we can lounge around the patio afterwards to recuperate. ;-) xoxo

  5. MTL would be in seventh Heaven. He's crazy about cardboard boxes and I have to hide them or the house woud be flooded with them.
    It's goood that MoS is being so helpful - let him do the heavy stuff.
    I hope you will settle happily in your new home.

  6. 'My Cat Likes To Hide In Boxes' was a favourite book of my son's. He'd have been enchanted as a child to see it happening in real life!

  7. I felt a mix of "You go girl!" combined with, "First you pack the boxes. Then you unpack the boxes."

    Let the cats unpack while Map and JB unpack the liquid refreshment box.

    Best of luck in your new universe. :)

  8. 26th is übermorgen, so you should entirely live out of boxes by now .. wasn't there a song "Living in the box" ... but maybe you are already in the "WOT?!"-phase ...

  9. I am pleased to hear no mention of your good lady self living in sin without the appropriate wedding band. We both know that your heart truly belongs to me and the little fella with the voice.

    I shall look forward to more tales from the only woman in Canada to have captured wild deer, buffalo, dust mites and two Irish hearts.


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