Monday, 7 May 2012

What's that, you say?

Tell me what language this was translated from....

"Thanks be given to you very much in regard to the take forum. I highbrow a luck and got to be acquainted with the spot on with captivating people. I'll be a iterative visitor."

Makes no sense to me. It's amazing how many of the spam comments from 'Anonymous' (seems to be a whole population of these guys out there... and none of them can translate anything accurately!) obviously started out in a different language. I don't think the automatic online translators really do so great a job, do you?


  1. Cute baby though! :¬)


  2. Not sure where they're from, but they did promise to be back!

  3. That's the filthiest thing I've ever heard. How dare they.

  4. Hiya, Mapstew sent me over to say hi. I like your blog.

  5. It's worth checking the spam box every day. The rubbish piles up and for some reason a real blogging friend of mine often gets in there.

  6. Iterative visitors can be a real pain in regard to the old forum. Watch out for those guys.


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