Wednesday, 7 December 2011


It's lightly snowing and the temperature is a seasonable -7C. The wind is a steady breeze at 19 km/h, which makes it feel like -14 out there. A huge sight better than yesterday when the ambient temperature got up to -2 (early evening) but with the howling gales (50 gusting to 70 km/h), it felt like the north pole had come down to grab us in its icy clutches.

I've Christmas shopping to do. Things need to be sent off in the mail very soon to arrive on time. Being off work for almost a year means things are very sparse this year. Not that I go hog wild anyway, but the purse strings are pretty tight.

That's not a bad thing, is it? I mean, isn't Christmas more about the time spent with loved ones than the size (and cost) of gifts given? I would much rather spend time with family and friends, eating good, tasty food, sipping eggnog, getting lots of hugs, being silly, having lots of laughs and making memories... than worrying about how much money I spent that I don't have.

So I have been very frugal this year. I'm not done my shopping yet, but I haven't spent much either. If I was a Christmas Fairy, I could wave my magic wand and all the presents would appear just like that, all wrapped and paid for (somehow) without breaking the bank. But since I'm not, I will settle for hugs and smiles and good times.

Because hugs and smiles are priceless, aren't they... ♥


  1. Many Christmas hugs to you!
    I prefer the food and the telly and the games too.

  2. Speaking of cold and ice, have you been to a Jets game yet?

    It dipped below freezing here last night. I'm thinking of going to a Stars game on Friday.

  3. If I could wave a magic wand, it would be to remove the material side of Christmas for just one year.... let people stop killing themselves in the malls (and their bank accounts) and actually S L O W down and enjoy life. Here's my new question... what do bears do this time of the year? yea, they SLEEP! What do we do? Not that.

    I'm making many of my gifts this year and I've never had more fun. I know you've had a hard time with your shoulder, so you should get a big PASS this year. :-)

    Stay warm!

  4. Aroound the blogs, I read much the same thing.
    I've begun making my's rather fun, actually.
    Enjoy whatever you do.

  5. Yip, no big expensive pressies this year! Anyway, aren't homemade gifts the best? (That reminds me, back to the recording studio!) :¬0


  6. From the heart beats from the wallet any day of the week. In fact, about 2 years after Hubby and I got married, my father-in-law declared too much money was spent on "stuff". Therefore, for that year, if we insisted on giving gifts to everyone (we ignored his plea to draw names) we had to MAKE gifts ourselves. Nothing purchased but raw materials if necessary. It only lasted that year but I still think it was the best Christmas ever! He's now gone, but the beautiful woodwork items he crafted for me I still have over 20 years later.

    @ Map: uh, YES!

  7. i agree with boxer, sugar! you get a pass this year!! i do love the idea of homemade or handmade items to give as gifts. xoxoxox

  8. Scarlet: Yes, same for me, but minus the telly. Prefer music instead! Merry Christmas and many hugs back to you! xoxo

    LX: Yes, I have been to a Jets game! My brother-in-law is an off ice official for the NHL now (was for the Manitoba Moose previously) so can get tickets occasionally. I went with my sister as he was working the game. Sold out every game and you have to wear earplugs... it is deafening!! (Go Jets Go!)

    Colder here today - feels like -26C with the wind!!! Brrrrrr....

    Boxer: Homemade things are the best!!! I am making one thing, the rest are store bought. I'm seriously thinking of making fruit cake this weekend... both the MoS and I love it!!!

    Dinah: I've spent tons of time surfing the net... it's addicting, isn't it? Have fun!!

    Map: Are we going to get a recording for Christmas?? Can't wait to see/hear what you post!!! xoxoxo

    Hope: Your FIL had the right idea. Many a year, I've made things. But there's always been store bought too. Maybe next year I will get back into that.

    Savannah: Well, I'm not taking the pass, but just taking it easier. And yeah, homemade stuff rocks!! xoxoxo

  9. That's what Christmas should be about. Goodwill and loving kindness.
    And a big hug for you:)


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